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  • 01.Why do you need Temp Pal?+

    Temp Pal ensures a better, more convenient and more accurate temperature care than traditional thermometers.
    For child care, Temp Pal brings peace of mind to parents with remote monitoring.
    For moms-to-be, Temp Pal frees you from early morning basal body temperature measurements.
  • 02.What is the level of electromagnetic wave from Temp Pal? Will it pose risks to children?+

    Temp Pal is a BLE (bluetooth low energy) product, and it has very low radiation with emitting only 1/160000 electromagnetic wave of usual cell phone radiation. So please do not worry about the impact of radiation on children.
  • 03.How is Temp Pal App Verdion 2.0 different from Version 1.0 ?+


    Version 1.0 of the Temp Pal app will be removed from the App Store and Google Play on February 1, 2021. Version 1.0 will still operate on existing devices but will no longer be supported by Customer Service. We strongly recommend that you first update the app to version 2.0, and then update the firmware embedded in the Temp Pal device itself. The app update features the following:


    1. New Temp Pal device update

    Version 2.0 of the Temp Pal app features a new Temp Pal Update function, which revises the firmware embedded in the Temp Pal device. With this update, you will experience better connection quality between Temp Pal and the app. Please charge Temp Pal before updating its firmware. If the device is not fully charged, the update process may be interrupted.



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    2. Automatic Account Linking

    With version 1.0, you need to connect Temp Pal to your account by clicking the icon every time you open the app.In version 2.0, once Temp Pal is linked to your account, there’s no need to do it again. The app will automatically link the device to your account as soon as you turn on Temp Pal.
    Note: Please make sure to connect your mobile device to the network before linking Temp Pal to your account. Click on the member screen and select the account you want to connect to.



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    3. Unpairing

    In version 1.0, the account and the device are disconnected whenever Temp Pal is turned off or the app is closed.In version 2.0, devices are connected until you manually unpair them. You’ll want to unpair a device when you need to use Temp Pal for other accounts/users.To unpair Temp Pal from your mobile device, click the Network icon  next to an account on the member screen. A message will appear: "Disconnect from Temp Pal?” Click OK to unpair.


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    4. Location Services (for iOS) 

    To share the wearer’s location data with other caregivers, you need to enable location services to operate in the background. Version 2.0 features a location service option on the member screen. You can choose to turn this on or off when the app is running in the background.Tap the Map icon to enable continuous tracking of the wearer’s location when the app is running in the background. Red means this function is on. Tap the icon again: when the icon turns gray, it means that Temp Pal is no longer tracking the wearer’s location. Note: Continuous location tracking consumes more battery power.

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  • 04.What is Temp Pal's specification in detail ?+

    Please refer to the table below:
    Model Name Temp Pal Premium
    Model Number STP-MB01-1
    Measurement Range 89.6 - 107.6 °F (32 - 42 °C)
    Display Resolution 0.01 °F (0.01 °C)
    Accuracy ± 0.09 °F(± 0.05 °C) under measurement range of Temp Pal
    ± 0.18 °F(± 0.1 °C) over the measurement range of Temp Pal
    verified by EN 12470-4 Clinical Thermometer Standard
    Measurement Location Armpit
    Compatible Devices Smartphone, Tablet with Bluetooth® version 4.0 running Apple® operating system iOS 9.0 or later or Android™ operating system 6.0 or later
    Communication Range Up to 15 feet(up to 5 meters) when applied to the armpit
    Response Time Temperature sensing every 10s. Once applied to the armpit, Temp Pal require up to 20 minutes to reach stable reading
    Power On/Off
    Battery Level Check
    Thin film button
    Power Source Rechargeable battery
    Operating Time Up to 36 hours
    Charging Time Up to 2.5 hours
    Battery Level Indication LED and APP
    Status Indication Dual Color LED
    Temp Pal® Dimension Length: 28.5 mm, Width: 26.8mm, Thickness: 3.52 mm
    Temp Pal® Weight 3.3 g
    Anti-Allergy Contact 3M Double Sided Medical Adhesive
    SUS316 stainless steel medical grade
    Water and Dust Resistance P 34, Protected from water spray from any direction.
    Safety Requireme Non-explosive
    Reference to standards CE medical device certified,TFDA,GMP,EN 12470-4,IEC60601-1, IEC60601-1-2,IEC60601-6, IEC60601-11,
    ISO 14971,IEC / EN 62366,IEC / EN 62366, ISO 10993-1,-5,-10
    Radio Regulations Conform to CE - R&TTE, FCC Part 15, SRRC, NCC LP0002 regulatory
    Operating Temperature / Humidity 41 - 113 °F (5 - 45 °C) / 15 % to 95 % RH (non-condensing)
    Storage Temperature / Humidity Storage Temperature / Humidity
  • 05.Is Temp Pal water-proof?+

    Temp Pal is sweat-proof and water-resistant. While we have passed IP 34 water-proof certification, Temp Pal is still a electronic device, so we would suggest users to store Temp Pal in dry places, and avoid splashing liquid on Temp Pal.
  • 06.Dose Temp Pal use rechargeable battery?+

    Temp Pal uses eco-friendly, rechargeable lithium-ion battery. Full charge only takes 2-hours. The device typically lasts 36 hours on a full charge. To increase longevity of the battery, we suggest you always charge up Temp Pal™ in its exclusive oval-shaped charger after use.
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