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Temp Pal
Smart Thermometer Patch

The Smart Way to measure Temperature

Temp Pal is CE medical device certified, an innovated soft, wearable thermometer that continuously measure temperature and wirelessly sending temperature readings to a smartphone or tablet. Unlike traditional method it is tiny and flexible, child-friendly and does its job while the patient is sleeping.
  • Comfy no-allergy
  • Highly accurate
  • Rechargable
  • Cloud monitoring sharing
  • High/low temperature alert

How to use
Temp Pal

How Temp Pal works

  • Just place Temp Pal in the armpit, and it will automatically measure body temperature continuously, send the readings to smart device via bluetooth, and upload health data to the cloud.


Group Cloud Monitoring

  • Through our cloud service, you will have remote and real-time access to your family's health data and historical logs. You can also share any of the info with your healthcare providers for professional advice. That is, both parents and other caregivers can view the condition of multiple children at the same time.

Temp Pal is the Miniature & Flexible Technology

  • Engineered with a patent pending "miniature & flexible technology" : it makes Temp Pal Seamlessly comfortable to wear during sleep and also for your family during monitoring their temperature. Log precise temperature measurements easily and view it on the user friendly app.

Bluetooth Connectivity and Local Data Storage

  • Pairing Temp Pal with a smart device is quick and simple. Temp Pal automatically searches for and connects to your device within seconds; auto rescan keeps you connected. Even if temporarily disconnected, Temp Pal continues to store data locally and keeps trying to reconnect. Moreover, data can be easily retrieved from the cloud if the device is lost or changed.


Easy-to-Use App

  • Temp Pal application is intuitive and displays real-time temperature reading and historical temperature data. The app alerts you when temperature moves beyond a customizable threshold.


Reusable, Rechargeable

  • Typically runs for more than 36 hours on a single charge
  • Fully recharges in just 2 hours
  • Designed for continuous, long-term use.


How to pair your phone with the Temp Pal?

How to add friend & cloud monitor

How to export data?

Five Characteristics

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    Temperature alert

    When body temperature reached a high fever state it immediately send out alarm message to caretaker so that you won’t need to wake up patients constantly. Easy setting of high and low temperature for your need.

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    Tiny and Light

    Like chewing gum size, lighter and thinner, no allergies. Medical-grade TPE soft material comfortable to body skin.

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    Highly accurate

    Medical grade stainless steel, accuracy +/- 0.05, proper for measuring basal body temperature

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    Medical grade TPE material forming, with medical-grade stainless steel, anti-sweat, waterproof

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    Continuous recording

    Recording and monitoring body temperature are no longer troublesome, with available networks, you can monitor your child’s temperature any time any where even at work or taking a nap with ease.

About Temp Pal

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    Continuous Temperature Monitoring

    Temp Pal records body temperature continuously.  Rather than providing a snapshot in time,
    it allows you to see how a patient’s temperature changes over time. 
    Temp Pal can be used for basal body temperature measurement, fever monitoring,
    and in infant and child care.

  • 02

    Fever monitoring

    Temp Pal makes it convenient to monitor body temperature around the clock,
    allowing a patient to rest without being disturbed for frequent temperature checks.

  • 03

    Infant and child body temperature monitoring

    Temp Pal eases parents’ and caregivers’ anxieties when caring for a little one:
    Instant fever alerts on the app notify you when a child’s temperature strays out of normal range.

  • appimg

    Multi-user monitoring

    Temp Pal’s app makes it easy for multiple caregivers to monitor a patient.  Whether you’re at work or out of town,
    you can still monitor a subject’s real-time temperature data as long as you have sharing authorization.


Temp Pal is CE medical device certified.
Reference to Standards:TFDA,GMP,EN 12470-4,IEC60601-1, IEC60601-1-2,IEC60601-6, IEC60601-11, ISO 14971,IEC / EN 62366,IEC / EN 62366, ISO 10993-1,-5,-10
  • CE Medcial device certified
  • TFDA-Taiwan Medcial device certified
  • mark04
    ISO 10993
  • mark05
    ASTM E1112
  • mark06
    ISO 80601-2-56
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