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Temp Pal Smart Thermometer - Fighting the Pandemic No touch ! Smart thermometer provides 24-hour body temperature monitoring and fever alerts.


World’s First Remote Continues Temperature Monitoring Solutions

During the Covid-19, Temp Pal remote temperature monitoring solution provides fever alert and position tracking which only allowing remote detection of dangerous fevers in COVID-19 patients, but also significant reductions in virus exposure and infection risk to medical workers.





Create a medical-grade continuous temperature measurement program

Wear Temp Pal® smart thermometer for continuous body temperature measurement and monitoring.


Monitor multiple patients at a time on Temp Pal app.

Monitor isolated, critically ill patients over the long-term.

Instant alerts notify you when temperature is out of range.

Dashboard for dedicated nursing stations.

Temperature Monitoring Applications

Hospitalized COVID Patients / Critical Care Patients / Government Quarantine Facilities / Home Quarantine / Self-Health Management / In-home Post-Operative Care

Hospital care

Outdoor monitoring for heatstroke

In-home care

TEMP PAL® Connects to the Cloud


Nursing station dashboard monitors multiple patients at a time.

24-hour temperature monitoring.

Automatic fever alerts.

Real-time location tracking.

Product Features


Temp Pal Remote Zero-Touch Continuous Temperature Monitoring System



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