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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy regulates iWEECARE Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as iWEECARE) on the collection, processing, utilization, retention, and disclosure of user (hereinafter referred to as the “User”) data on this Website or when the User makes use of iWEECARE’s products or APP services. An User visiting the Website or making use of iWEECARE’s services is deemed to accept operations and measures under this Privacy Policy.

1.Personal data

We collect personal data to provide Users with better service. Users might be requested to provide personal data, which includes but not limited to the time when such User visits our Website, register with the Website, access other events, services, features, or resources linked to our Website, as well as making use of iWEECARE’s products or APP services. However, Users might visit the Website anonymously. We only collect personal data under voluntary provision from Users. Respectively, Users refusing to provide personal data might not be able to access relevant events specified on the Website. We will collect the following personal data: Compulsory items (Users refusing to provide personal data will not be able to access relevant service provided in the APP) 1. E-mail 2. Username/ Displayed name (irrelevant to real names) 3. Body temperature (including time of data generation) 4. Relevant product identification code (i.e. product serial number) 5. Type of operating system for the mobile device (ios or android) Non-compulsory items (Users not providing personal data may still be able to access relevant service provided in the APP) 1. Nationality 2. Gender 3. Height 4. Weight 5. Contact number 6. GPS positioning information

2.Non-personal data

We might collect non-identifiable personal data of the User when he/ she interacts with the Website. The non-identifiable personal data refers to User data that cannot be identified, which include but not limited to the type of computer and technical information (e.g. operation system, ISP-Internet Service Provider and other similar information) for the User from linking with the Website.

3.Web browser cookies

Certain data might be collected; examples are IP addresses, equipment, and event information including but not limited to browser type, crash records, system activities, and log-in from other servers. Cookies might be used on our Website for improving User experience. The web browser for the User will install cookies into the hard drive for recording browsing history. The cookies are also used to track usage information sometimes. The User may choose to disable cookies or set the browser to remind upon cookies transfer. However, please note that when the web browser is set to refuse cookies, certain functions on the website might not be able to operate smoothly.

4.How we operate and utilize information collected

Within specific range and duration that meet the specific purpose (hereinafter referred as the “Purpose”), iWEECARE might transfer or utilize personal data of the Users through email, telephone, or other reasonable and legal methods. Personal data authorized by Users for utilization The specific personal data we collected, processed, and stored were data authorized by the Users for our utilization. The User is the data controller and in charge of utilizing most of the personal data. Communication with Users When a User submits or inquires on the Website with any comment, we will reply to such User via the contact information provided. Personalized User experience We might compile the User data for understanding how Users make use of services and resources provided on our Website. Sending newsletter or information on promotion event to subscribers Should a User subscribe to our newsletter from the Website, we will send information such as news flash, latest event, updates, and relevant product or service from the Company to such User through email. Detailed methods of operation for unsubscribing from the newsletter are provided at bottom of the email, where Users may unsubscribe at any time. Once the unsubscribing request from the User is accepted, we will remove the email of such User from our mailing list immediately, and stop sending subsequent emails to such User. Administration of any special event on the Website Should the User participate in relevant events such as prize draw, competition, questionnaire, interview, and promotion, we might utilize data provided by such a User for event administration or implementation.

5.How we protect your data

We adopt adequate measures of data protection, storage, processing mechanism, and security to prevent unauthorized contact, modification, disclosure or damage of your personal data, trading information and data processed and stored on our Website.

6.Data sharing and disclosure

We will not sell, trade, or lease personal data of Users to any third party. We might utilize services provided by third parties to assist in business and Website operation or administer events on our behalf, e.g. sending newsletters or questionnaires. Within the scope of purpose mentioned above, we might share your data with the said third party, who shall adhere to this Policy and any other adequate confidentiality and security measures according to our instructions. Within the scope of purpose mentioned above, we might share general and integrated statistical information with our partners, trust-worthy branches, or advertisers. Such statistical information is not linked with personal data of any User or visitor. We might share integrated or de-identified non-personal data since such data cannot be utilized to recognize personal identification reasonably. Should we be involved in a merger, acquisition, or sale of assets, we will continue to adopt measures for protecting the confidentiality of personal data, as well as informing the affected Users before transferring any personal data to the new entity. We might disclose, sell, trade, or lease general and integrated statistical information. Such information falls under non-personal data that has been integrated or de-identified, including but not limited to the name of the application, date of installing/ uninstalling, and region (country) not linked with any personal data.


The advertisements of third-party advertisers might appear on our Website and be transferred to Users installed with the Cookies. The Cookies allow the advertiser server to recognize your computer upon each online advertisement sent to you, as well as editing the non-personal data for you or any individual using your computer. These data will allow advertisers to transfer specific advertisements they believe may be of interest to you. This Privacy Policy does not include any conduct of utilizing Cookies or made by the advertisers. You will be provided with many options to control or limit the utilization of cookies and similar technology, including the use of advertisement by us and the third party. For example: You may remove the orientation and advertisement Cookies via preference setting in the browser.

8.Third-party website

The Website or service by iWEECARE may contain website links or content provided by a third party. Such websites and services are not operated and administered by iWEECARE. Prior to contacting, clicking, or adopting the said website and service, the User shall comprehend terms or privacy policy set by such website or service provider. These websites or services fall out of the applicable scope under this Policy. iWEECARE will not be held legally liable for the conduct of collecting User data by third-party websites or services.

9.Update of our Privacy Policy

We will review our Privacy Policy and status of abiding regularly. Our Privacy Policy might be subject to modification along with time. In case of any modification, we will update the Privacy Policy on the Website. The modification of relevant data will be announced. We encourage all Users to check the web page on a frequent basis. Meanwhile, Users shall comprehend and consent to the obligation of reviewing this Privacy Policy regularly.

10.Your consent on the Privacy Policy

Your access to this Website is deemed as consent towards our latest Privacy Policy. Should you disagree with regulations under the Privacy Policy or refuse to provide personal data, you may discontinue using services provided on the Website, or iWEECARE will not be able to provide you with service of full functions. In addition, if we deem that our Privacy Policy is not adhered with or personal data are not provided thoroughly, iWEECARE reserves the right of termination or suspension on providing relevant service to you.

11.Limitation to online privacy policy

This online Privacy Policy is only applicable for data collected from the Website, not for data collected offline.

12.Guarantees related to your privacy

To ensure the security of your data and implementation of the Privacy Policy, our staff will receive propaganda on the policies, regulations, and administrative monitoring.

13.Your rights

We respect the personal data you provided. Regarding personal data provided to us, you may contact client service of iWEECARE at support.tw@iweecare.com to exercise the following rights: (1) Search or request to view personal data. (2) Request to access or export personal data. (3) Request to edit or delete personal data. You may modify and delete your personal messages. For example, you may edit or delete data on the configuration file you provided, as well as deleting your account (if desired). Should the data need to be kept based on legitimate business or legal purpose, we will keep such data within a limited time-frame under certain circumstances. (4) Refusal for using your personal data You are entitled for: Refusal of utilizing your information for the purpose of direct marketing. (5) Request for a copy of your personal data. (6) Request on supplement or rectification of your personal data. (7) Request to cease collection, processing, or utilization of your personal data.

14.Data storage

We keep your account information for the need of operating your account. For our legitimate interest in business, legal reasons, and prevention again damage, we reserve your personal data and utilization.

15.Data transfer

Your personal data might be processed by a server outside your country. The laws protecting personal data vary from country to country, while some provide more protections than others. Despite the location where your information is processed, we will apply the same protections described in this Policy.

16.EU requirements

Should the EU rules on general data protection be applicable for processing your data, we will provide control measures described in this Policy for your ease of exercising the right of requesting for access, update, deletion, and limitation over your personal data. Moreover, you are entitled to refuse the processing your personal data, or have it exported to other services. Base on the following legal provisions, we process your personal data within the scope of collection purpose described in this Policy: Your consent We will ask for your consent on processing your personal data for specific purposes, where you are entitled to withdraw such consent at any time. Service provision We process your personal data for providing the services you requested as per the Contract. Obligation to obey the law Upon our legal obligation to process your personal data, we shall do so accordingly. Pursuit of legitimate interests We process for legitimate interests of the Company and interests of third parties.Your personal data are also applicable for adequate security measures to protect your privacy.

17.Contact us

Should you have any question on the Privacy Policy, concerning data transfer and operation of this Website, please contact us via the following web page. support.tw@iweecare.com

The latest update for this Privacy Policy took place on December 11th, 2020.

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