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Temp Pal BBT

A new method for measuring 
basal body temperature

Did you know that your body temperature trends can reveal your fertile days of the month? Whether you're trying to get pregnant, looking for natural ways to prevent pregnancy, or learning to read your body's fertile signs... . 

Temp Pal measures your basal body temperature while you sleep and charts it when you wake up.
  • Tiny, light, and comfortable to wear
  • Accurate within 0.05°C / 0.09°F
  • Continuous measurement & recording
  • Paperless  charts
How to use

Temp Pal BBT

Temp Pal BBT-A4DM-英文版-20210517-11
Temp Pal BBT


  • Temp Pal BBT-A4DM-英文版-20210518-foWEB-12


    Medical grade stainless steel.
    Heatless sensor for BBT measurement.
    Accuracy within 0.05°C

  • Temp Pal BBT-A4DM-英文版-20210518-foWEB-13


    Smart automatic measurement
    & recording

  • Temp Pal BBT-A4DM-英文版-20210518-foWEB-14

    Paperless export data

    Temp Pal measures your 
    basal body temperature while you sleep and charts it 
    when you wake up.

  • Temp Pal BBT-A4DM-英文版-20210518-foWEB-15

    Soft to the Touch

    Light and thin coating is soft to the touch
    and comfortable to wear

  • Temp Pal BBT-A4DM-英文版-20210518-foWEB-16

    Privacy in the Cloud

    Your private temp data and BBT charts are secure
    and accessible anywhere from the cloud.


Owning Temp Pal BBT

  • Temp Pal BBT-A4DM-英文版-20210517-21

    Smart automatic measurement

    Knowing that Emily is stressing out about trying to conceive, Joe researched ways to make fertility charting easier for her.  He found Temp Pal, a wearable smart BBT thermometer with its own charting app. Emily can record her BBT readings without worrying about waking up the same time every morning.  Hello sleep, and less stress!

  • Temp Pal BBT-A4DM-英文版-20210517-22

    Smart automatic recording

    Say good-bye to BBT Charts. You don't need to Manual measurement and filling BBT charts anymore.

  • Temp Pal BBT-A4DM-英文版-20210517-23

    Data is stored in the app

    There is a better way to store her BBT charts and analyze trends over time

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Temp Pal

Certificates & Tests

  • Temp Pal BBT-WEB-認證-14
    CE medical device certified
  • Temp Pal BBT-WEB-認證-15
    TFDA-Taiwan Medcial device certified
  • Temp Pal BBT-WEB-認證-16
    ISO 10993
  • Temp Pal BBT-WEB-認證-17
    ASTM E1112
  • Temp Pal BBT-WEB-認證-18
    ISO 80601-2-56
Temp Pal BBT-A4DM-英文版-20210517-06
  Product Name    Temp Pal Premium
Measurement Range 77-113˚F (25-45˚C)
Accuracy 0.09 ℉ (± 0.05 ℃) 
Compatible Devices Smart phone or Tablet with Bluetooth   version 4.0 running Apple operating system iOS 12.4 or later, and Android™ operating system 7.0 or later.
Response Time Temperature sensing every 10s. Once applied to the armpit, Temp Pal requires up to 20 minutes to reach stable reading
Power Source Rechargeable battery 3.7V/10mAh
Operating Time Up to 36 hours
Charging Time Up to 2.5 hours
Temp Pal Dimension Length: 28mm, Width: 26.8mm, Thickness: 3.52mm
Temp Pal Weight 3.6 g
Water and Dust
Certification FDA Cleared                                  CE medical device certified
TFDA medical device certified      Biocompatibility ISO 10993
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